We were searching in dense rainforest for a particular bird when two cassowaries came upon us, the male with a 3/4 grown chick. In what was a very tense time for us, not knowing whether the large male would perceive us two as a danger to its offspring and go on the attack or not. With those huge dagger length toes it would have been a bloodbath in there, as there was no way of running away. Too many trees, saplings and spike covered vines everywhere. The chick was incredibly curious and came happily within a metre of us, we could have touched him easily. The male hung back 6 - 7 m but kept a very close eye on us. We did not move a muscle and started talking to the birds in a low reassuring voice and it seemed to work, as the male even went down on the ground and roosted for a few minutes, before commencing feeding again. Once again this showed the value of photographing in camo clothing, fitting in with the sorounding terrain, making us quite acceptable to this huge and temperamental birds. After we got a few shots in and the birds left, we stumbled out of the forest in a daze, hardly believing at what has just transpired. Truly an unforgettable shoot !!!